The Denim Story

Are you passionate about jeans? Ever since I was small, I vividly remember jeans playing a pivotal role in my life. Jeans vitally define style of an era be it the bell bottoms in seventies, or the high waist jeans in the eighties, or the acid washes in the nineties they were the most important piece of clothing in peoples wardrobe.

There’s no question that each of us has our own ideas on how our jeans should fit. Whether it’s our own unique bodies or our ever-evolving sense of style, it gets harder and harder to find a fit or style that isn’t loved by one and hated by another.

So, how do you find the right denim? and where do you get the inspiration from? Our actors have time and again proved that denims are everything. Here we can see our stars sporting some classic looks. These regular fit jeans are an everyday essential and can be styled in multiple ways. With the winter here wear them with t-shirts and jackets, or for a more casual look go with hoodies.

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