Socks or No Socks?!!

We’re always confused if we can wear socks with loafers or not. You always wonder how the cool kids manage to wear loafers without socks and still not have sweaty feet! There is a secret to that, Its the “no show socks”.


No show socks are the greatest thing ever cuz you can wear them with loafers, boat shoes, plimsolls and these days you can wear them with semi formal suits also. What I love about these is that they feel like a sock, which not only means better sweat and odour protection for your shoes, but also more cushioning for your feet. You get the best of both worlds.

timberland-brown-classic-boat-shoes-790x526 SummerSox+for+the+No+Sock+Look+in+Men's+Wingtips

They are an instant hit at Starobe and we are sure you’ve been waiting for them. Grab them here.

Until next, happy no sock showing!

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