Winter Trends For Men

Winter is here and it can be a real headache researching what’s the next craze to take menswear by storm, so we thought we’d make it easy for you and pick out our highlights. We know you Lazy bums wouldn’t search for anything on the internet, except of course for gadgets. So, here are a few must haves for the chilly season.


Layering is, of course, the top priority when the weather turns grey – however next season it looks like the big styling tip to help you keep warm will be to pile your jumpers one-on-top of the other. The easiest way to do this, is to invest in a casual blazer and team it with shirts or thin knitwear.



The monochrome look is possibly the easiest way to look like you keep up with the cool kids without any real effort at all. Stick to your black plimsolls, black jeans, white Tee and a black coat this season for a fail safe style that is relevant and incredibly easy to pull off.



Checked shirts, checked leg wear, checked everything. If you’re in need of a splash of colour in your look then this is the style you’ll want to take advantage of. Timeless and versatile, this pattern instantly adds interest to any outfit and works across everything from a casual plaid flannel shirt to smartly-cut separates.



Show your statement sweatshirt the door, gentlemen – it’s time for a change and we mean it. To really get this trend bang on, opt for a multi-coloured style as the focal point of your look, surrounding your knit with comparatively sober pieces to really play up its effect. Trust me you wont regret this.



Go green or go home. I don’t need to be a genius to tell you military is the hottest trend out there for men. With shades to suit every skin tone, green’s worth putting at the core of your cold-weather looks. Use it to pull together neutrals like black, beige and grey, or pair it with complementary colours like burgundy and navy. For more formal looks, try emerald and jade for a little opulence that will catch eyes but won’t raise eyebrow.


So there you go!! Why should girls have all the fun when it comes to fashion?! Try these trends to turn heads everywhere! Happy shopping, or even better dig out that military jacket you bought on an impulse but never used.


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