Mr Bond does Casuals

After 24 movies, and 7 actors and innumerable adventures, we’ve learnt that, “Bond, James Bond” is a brand that we will never, ever get over.

His iconic Tom Ford suits are the first thing that’ll come to our minds, but there’s more to James bond, than his martini’s and impeccable taste in women.


Obviously the man doesn’t sleep in his suits, so he has to wear something else right? Yes, but only James Bond can make a simple grey melange,crew neck t-shirt look so yum! So he does have a casual streak towards him and his casual streak screams ‘hotness’ from across the silver screen.


A Polo T-shirt on Mr. Bond While he has a serious-mission face on? Yes,please!

His choice of colors are on minimum side of the spectrum. Navy blue, black polo tees, grey and white for the v/crew neck tee shirts.


He teams his crew necks mostly with bomber jackets and or cashmere knit sweaters,even turtlenecks. with a comfy beige/ light brown pants. Even at his casual most, he has his amazing gadgets and accessories with him. Maybe that’s what makes him stand a class apart. And also that he is licenced to kill. So go out there and try to get your killer instincts on! and try few of his style statements.

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