5 Types of Bags every woman should own

Bags are used everyday, and sometimes switched throughout occasions. Purses are more than a fashion statement, they can even make or break an outfit. Particular handbags are completely essential; sometimes you have to be able to grab your things and go, but one bag is just not going to cut it. Therefore, make sure to stock up on a variety of bags to help you out in moments of need. To keep things simple for you, here are 5 bags to have in your closet.


The best part about a cross body bag is that there are multiple ways to wear it. It’s functional and hands-free, ideal for a day out, a concert, or running to the grocery store. With small cross-body bags you feel lighter, happier and unrestricted.

sole-society-crossbody-bag jcrew-crossbody-bag malaikaarorakhan



This is your carry-all. Get one in a color that works with everything. Whether you are grabbing a few things from the grocery store or just running other errands, it is always comfortable to carry around a basic tote bag. They are plain, simple and just plain practical.



Made to travel in style, the weekender bag is necessary in your closet. Get a bag that’s not only big enough, but also easy to tote around. Since this type of bag should be durable and ready to travel, this too would be a good splurge.

best-weekender-bageverlane-weekender alexa-chung-sofia-coppola-louis-vuitton-duffle-bag-h724


One of our favorite categories just because it’s so pretty. You need only one or two of these in a neutral shade that goes with all your dressy and traditional looks.



The most basic building block of your bag collection should be a simple style smart enough for work but chic enough to make your most fashionable friend grin with approval. Consider your daily load, like the size of your laptop and make sure you pick a style that can accommodate it.


That’s it folks. Go all out and grab your favorite by clicking on the links that will lead you to our partner sites.

Happy Bagging!

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